7 Things to know about Wordle

 Wordle was created by software engineer Josh Wardle who made the game for his partner Who likes word puzzles*


 You don't have to sign up to play in Wordle or give any of your information to play the free game.


There is no app to play the game, and it can only be accessed on Wordle's website.


Wordle has nearly 3 million* players across the globe. Over 300,000 people play a day according to the New York Times, who bought the free game on February 2022.



Players only have 1 chance to play each day. You have 6 tries to crack the 5-letter word of the day

 When you make a guess, the tiles turn green or yellow, which signifies how close you are to guessing the word. Yellow means the letter is used but in another tile, and green means that the letter is in the right tile spot.


wordle’s popularity has grown since late 2021, even appearing in a sketch on Saturday Night Live