Why does my cat hate me

If you have just adopted a cat and you have the feeling that he is distant or if, on the contrary, you have been living with a cat in the most complete symbiosis for years and that, lately, you have the impression that he no longer loves you as before, you may feel confused and extremely sad… This is quite normal! Because when you welcome a new member to your family, you want to be able to show him all your affection by petting him and playing with him and, if your cat rejects all your expressions of love, it can be very difficult to live…

That’s why, if you think your cat doesn’t like you and you want to know why and what you can do about it, randomly from your clicks on the web, you have come to the right web page, because In this article My cat does not like me – Why! From Butoffice we will take the time to explain the main reasons behind this cat’s strange behavior.

My cat runs away from me

Contrary to what many people may think, cats are among the most sociable and tender animals that exist. However, they are not always so receptive to your displays of affection and your sweet words, and that’s normal! Like us, cats have their character traits and needs, and they also need, just like us, to have time for themselves. That’s why, if your cat sometimes rejects you, if he runs away from you when you sit next to him or if he jumps up, scratching and biting you, when you hug him, undoubtedly, through body language, your feline has asked you to leave him alone because at this moment he prefers to be alone and it is more than likely that he will come later to ask you for hugs!

However, the situation will be slightly different if you have the impression that your cat no longer loves you as before, because if you were enjoying a good relationship and he suddenly started to ignore you, or even run away and reject you, you will have to take the time to try to understand what can justify this abrupt change.

Why doesn’t my cat love me anymore?

If you think your cat doesn’t love you like it used to, it may be due to one of the following reasons. Next, we will explain how to know if your cat no longer loves you by finding the cause that may be causing this sudden rejection:

You are excessively cuddly.

Sometimes, felines tend to run away from you because of your excessive displays of affection. And that’s pretty normal because sometimes it’s very hard to resist the urge and the need to pet your furry best friend! However, you must always respect his limits so as not to stress him too much, otherwise he may start to lose confidence in you, get angry and hurt you.

Also, you need to understand that there are times when you can’t disturb them. For example, would you like to be disturbed while you sleep peacefully? We’re sure it won’t make you laugh at all to get your paws kicked in the face while you’re in deep sleep, right?

He had a negative experience

Sometimes your cat may run away from you because it has associated you with a negative experience. If you have punished your cat, something you should never do because he would not understand it and, thus, you will just end up bullying him for no reason and, therefore, you have noticed a change in character, this may be the reason for this sudden disenchantment. Or, for example, if you unwittingly hurt him by stroking him or hugging him… he may have associated you with this negative experience. For all these reasons, your cat has associated you with being in pain.

You have to get to know yourself

If it’s been a while since you adopted your cat, it’s only natural that he still isn’t confident with you. Most cats need a little time to fully adjust to their new home and its members, and so until they realize they are not  in a hostile place, they will be wary of their new surroundings. Each cat is unique and, ultimately, some are more shy than others.

On top of that, don’t forget that you never really know all the past of the animal you adopt, you will not know if it has had negative experiences, such as abuse, which will cause it to develop a more worried personality.

He does not receive the necessary care

Your cat may be aloof because her needs aren’t fully met. As a guardian you must understand that it is your responsibility to cover and guarantee food, safety and entertainment (social and environmental) for your animal. For example, if your pet doesn’t exert itself enough because it’s an apartment cat and you never play with him, he could be stressed and behave in a hostile way.

There has been a significant change in his environment

Cats need to live in a controlled environment in order to feel protected, which makes them particularly sensitive to all the changes that can take place in their environment. That’s why if you recently changed something in your house and your cat hasn’t had time to adapt, or if he hasn’t managed to do it well, it is possible that it affects his behavior.

It’s common to hear people say “I’m pregnant and my cat doesn’t love me anymore” or “my cat has been hiding since we moved”, it happens, as we said because the animal is stressed because of this change in routine and needs to adapt to his new situation. Another situation in which it is completely normal to feel that your cat no longer loves you is after a period of vacation. “I went on vacation and my cat no longer loves me” is a normal situation and the reason is the same. The animal experienced a major change, the absence of its guide, and it may have felt alone or even abandoned.

He does not feel well

When you observe a sudden change in your animal’s behavior, you must think that it may be due to the fact that he is in pain or suffering from a clinical pathology. In these cases, you will still need to take him to your veterinarian.


If you want your cat to love you again, the best thing you can do is to spoil them with treats, play games with them, and give them some space. Avoid yelling at them, hitting them, and ignoring them, and you should be able to win their love in no time.